Holiday Flat        Lake Iseo





“The smallest and most secret things in life are those which can most delight and bring happiness in the rare moments of discovery,  oblivious to the casual glance, discovered only by walking slowly and silently, minute signs and sounds of a beauty hidden but real .….. This is what I thought when  I decided to paint these small but great creatures … F. A. ”




 Andrea was born and lives in Garda, a tiny hamlet of the village of Sonico, in Vallecamonica in the Italian Alps. He first started painting surrealist landscapes and subjects in 1976. After some years of artistic inactivity he started to paint on silver birch bark using acrylics. This idea came from finding a few scraps of “ lusegn” left by his grandmother : in this area of the mountains birch bark was used to light the wood fire; a sort of parchment which Andrea's love for nature and a daily life surrounded by the woods, meadows and splendid Alpine environment in this case sparked  an artistic  creativity : some of the smallest creatures of the woods, easier to hear than to see, captured in total liberty in the woods ... on wood

Paintings on canvas


 on beech branch



 with larch twigs